Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 5, 2012

520,000 Miles and Counting

In 1973, Don Stehle bought a used '67 Mustang convertible as an "$800 clunker" shortly after graduating from college. A year later, someone backed into the driver's door and the insurance company painted the entire car. Don remembers thinking, "It looked pretty good at that point, so I decided to keep it another year."

And that year turned into year after year until now, afternearly four decades, Don has spun the odometer to 520,000 miles, helped by a number of cross-country trips. He almost sold the Mustang in 1988 with 380,000 miles, but he couldn't find a replacement car that he liked. He then discovered the companies that specialize in vintage Mustang parts. "They could supply all the parts that I didn't think existed anymore," Don explains. "So for a lot less money (than buying another car), I saved my everyday car and realized that I could probably keep my Mustang forever!"

Not your typical Mustang enthusiast, Don's convertible has been his only car since 1973. He just recently discovered the relaxing fun found at Mustang shows. Over the years, Don has made some upgrades, including a Pioneer sound system with AM/FM/CD and Sirius satellite radio.

Now retired in Melbourne, Florida, Don continues to drive the Mustang nearly every day, although the Florida heat has convinced him to look into the installation of a Classic Auto Air A/C system so he won't mind driving in the summer, adding, "I'm looking forward to the next 500,000 miles."